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Finklestein sends Jack off with Sora and the gang to retrieve two more ingredients, memory and surprise, thus completing the heart. However, the heart is stolen by Oogie Boogie. Finklestein creates a potion that allows people to see their true memory. The only problem is that once he sniffed the potion, Heartless appeared.

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As the Experiment has no heart, it goes on a rampage to steal gifts, in an attempt to understand the emotions behind giving and gain a heart of its own. Sadly, Sora and the gang have no choice but to destroy the Experiment. Finklestein was voiced by William Hickey in the film [10] and by Jess Harnell in the video game spin-offs. The Mayor of Halloween Town is depicted as a short, fat man, who has the appearance of a giant candy corn with a cone-shaped head, wearing an impossibly tall top hat , a spider bolo tie , and a ribbon of office that says "Mayor" on it.

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His cone-shaped head has two faces: One face is peach-skinned, rosy-cheeked, and smiling while the other face is white-skinned, pale and frowning with pointed teeth. Depending on the Mayor's mood, his head swivels around to display the right face with a loud clicking sound. When not in use, the other face has its eyes closed and is considered dormant. This split personality is likely inspired by a literal interpretation of the phrase "two-faced politicians".

Despite his office, the Mayor apparently has very little actual authority in the day-to-day running of the town, or has very little confidence in his leadership skills, especially in planning for Halloween.

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This is attested when he arrives at Jack Skellington 's house to discuss some plans with him, not knowing that Jack is not home. When Jack does not answer, the Mayor quickly gets hysterical and yells, more to himself than anyone, "Jack, please, I'm only an elected official here!

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I can't make decisions by myself! Nonetheless, the Mayor seems to enjoy his position. He apparently owns the only automobile in town, a hearse -like car called the "Mayor-mobile" that is equipped with a loudspeaker for making announcements and a black cat-shaped hood ornament that sounds a siren when its tail is cranked.

The Mayor supports Jack and helps him in his quest to bring his own version of Christmas to the world, despite his secret misgivings about it. When Jack is apparently killed by the US Army , the Mayor openly admits he had a bad feeling about "this Christmas thing" and sorrowfully goes off in his Mayor-mobile to make the announcement throughout Halloween Town and the surrounding countryside that "the king of Halloween has been blown to smithereens".

Later, he is told by Lock, Shock, and Barrel that Jack is in over his head and alive, and comes to retrieve him and Sally after Oogie Boogie has been defeated. The Mayor of Halloween Town is among the citizens surprised and once again uneasy when it starts snowing in Halloween Town, but when he catches a snowflake on his tongue, his head swivels around to reveal his pleased expression. His role in both games is fairly minor.

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In the first game, he helps Jack and Sora find an ingredient they need for the heart Dr. Finklestein is making. In the second game, he tries to stop two Heartless outbreaks by yelling at the Heartless through his megaphone, but has no success. He is later seen in the level "Mayor's Madhouse" where Jack rescues him from a cage hanging from the roof of his house.

While Jack goes to Christmas Town, the Mayor frees the other holiday leaders. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are introduced as Oogie Boogie 's "little henchmen", being 6, 7 and 5 years old respectively. The trio are not very loyal to Oogie, as they are simply making mischief both for their own fun and to stay on his good side in other words, they serve him out of fear and after his death they just have harmless fun, which they seem to enjoy more.

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However, this is contrasted by their lack of common sense as, presumably due to their lust for mischief they have shown no protest when their master was revived in the spinoffs, and once out of boredom revived him themselves in " Oogie's Revenge ". They all three are trick-or-treaters , with masks similar to their faces e. Barrel's skeleton mask is large and round to fit his face, with a huge grin on it like his near-permanent creepy smile. Their names are a play on the phrase, " lock, stock, and barrel.

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They appear to be Anti-heroes or merely neutral characters, as they'll work for most of those who summon them. At first, they accidentally capture the Easter Bunny , whereupon Jack tells them to apologize and sends them back. They then capture their true quarry, and Jack takes Santa's hat. Once Jack has defeated Oogie and rescued Santa Claus, a hatch above opens and Lock, Shock, and Barrel appear now protagonists, having led the Mayor to Oogie's lair to find them.

Throughout the game, they are behind most of the ruckus going on around town ranging from poisoning the acid pools, driving the leeches crazy, knocking down the town's street lamps , luring Jack into death traps, and helping Oogie in the final battle.

In the game, Jack encounters the three one by one. In chapter 15, the threesome try to stop Jack a final time in their mobile bathtub on top of the Mayor of Halloween Town's house. He defeats them yet they spring a trap and drop him into a maze in Oogie's lair. They do not appear again in the game afterwards.

In Kingdom Hearts , after hearing Jack speak of a heart that can control the Heartless , Oogie sends the three out to steal the heart as part of his plan to take over Halloween Town. After the three are defeated by Sora , Donald , and Goofy , they confess that Oogie made them do it. Later in the game, they comment how quiet Halloween Town has become without Oogie and consider making a ruckus just to liven things up.

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Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas - Kindle edition by Kevin Coryell, Kate Carleton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. 'Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas [Kevin M. Coryell, Kate Carleton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A twisted take on a classic.

The monster keeps the children in a cage underneath its body, but swallows one of them to act as its "pilot", each giving the monster a different ability and appearance, ultimately swallowing all three of them attacking Sora and party with its full repertoire. After its defeat, the trio run off saying it was 'fun' and unintentionally reveal Oogie's return.

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In the second visit, the three are accused of stealing presents after they enter Santa's workshop and are caught looking through gifts. Sora and the party have to fight these mischievous rascals by knocking them unconscious and putting them in boxes. In the end, the three claim that they did not steal the presents as they regard Christmas toys to be boring while revealing that they were actually looking for parts for Doctor Finklestein's Experiment. They also cause mischief as obstacles in the "Making Presents" mini game, before and after the fight with the Experiment.

After the battle, they run off and are not seen again in the game.

Despite having apparently reformed at the end of the film in later appearances, they have reverted to being antagonist. This suggests that they like working for Oogie Boogie more than being good. When Jack stumbles upon the town, he becomes mesmerized with the holiday and he tries to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. The three then take Santa to Oogie Boogie where the holiday figure's life is threatened.

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A last minute rescue helps save not only Santa, but the entire holiday of Christmas as well. Santa Claus manages to round up the living gifts and replace them with the right ones. Santa Claus is last seen flying over Halloween Town as snow starts to fall. Santa Claus was saved by Jack Skellington. When Oogie Boogie hijacked Santa's sleigh, Jack lets him use the same sleigh he used when Jack tried to improvise Christmas. He also made a reference about how Jack Skellington tried to improvise Christmas. Maleficent revives Oogie Boogie and sends him to capture Santa Claus.

He also tells Sora to believe that he will meet Riku again. Later on, Santa's presents get stolen by Dr. Finklestein's Experiment. He helps Jack make decoy presents to attract the Experiment.

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The trailer boasts that this is "the holiday event of the year" and, in most cases, something like that may sound like hyperbole. A cartoon Christmas story starring zombies. Get A Copy. A peanut butter sandwich? Happy Holidays!

Jack and company get them back by hiding in a decoy present. After they defeat the Experiment, Santa Claus decides to give Jack a taste of what it's like to deliver Christmas presents. When Jack finishes delivering presents, Santa takes back his sleigh and brings forth beautiful snow drops as a present to those in Halloween Town.