To the Rescue (Helping rescue those who help people)

How You Can Help Your Local Rescue or Shelter
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Fetch your purr -manent place in the shelter, a lasting impression showing your commitment to helping pets and people in crisis. Reserve your brick on the Pathway of Hope today!

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  5. How You Can Help Your Local Rescue or Shelter If You Are A Kid!
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Domestic violence affects both people and their pets and prompts many victims to remain in abusive situations for fear of having nowhere to escape to with their pet. Lost Our Home is committed to changing that uncertainty into assurance through our life-saving partnership with the largest domestic violence shelter in Arizona. Homeless individuals often rely on their pets for comfort and companionship.

Pet Helpline

To remain together, many choose to forgo shelters or job training opportunities for fear of being separated from their companions. Lost Our Home makes it possible for people to receive job training without leaving their pet behind.

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Having no one to care for a precious pet when unexpected medical emergencies, surgeries or illness force people and their pets apart, can leave many uncertain of how to not only care for themselves, but for their pet as well. Lost Our Home supports families suffering from these medical emergencies.

Eviction, foreclosure, fires, floods…all these force people and pets into unknown territory. We can help in this period of uncertainty by caring for pets and assuring they are in good hands—easing some of the pressure on pet owners. Learn about the many ways to donate and help us continue to impact thousands of people and pets around the Valley! Find out how to volunteer at Lost Our Home. Whatever your skills, you can find an impactful way to help us help people and save pets!

This spunky girl is looking for a place to call home.

Good Samaritan law

Her hobbies include being pampered, sitting atop her throne, and showing the world how purrfect she is! Could you be her furever home? Together we can change the lives of not only pets and the people who love them, but the community as a whole.

How You Can Help Your Local Shelter or Rescue If You Are a Professional

Find pet-friendly housing, businesses and cities, local dog parks, and detailed information about caring for your pets. The ARL offers affordable end-of-life services to honor your beloved pet with dignity and compassion.

Pets can receive temporary care during a crisis due to domestic violence, natural disaster, or other catastrophic events. After exploring all available options, you may decide that surrendering your pet is the best or only remaining option. Do you have pet questions? Take a look at our Resource Library to find information about pet behavior, resources for pet owners, and more!

A floppy-eared pit bull mix peered out from under a pile of blankets beside her. The Guardians hopped out of the truck. Sperazza said to the woman. He asked if her dog needed anything — medical care, food, a vest. He offered the woman a hat, gloves and socks. The Guardians are an animal welfare nonprofit based in Smithtown, on Long Island, with a range of programs and a just-completed six-episode show on Animal Planet. Once or twice a year, they go out to the streets of New York City to offer assistance to the pets of the homeless — and to their owners.

In that order. The woman sitting on the backpack was named Rachel.

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Her dog was Boris. The Guardians gave her a bag of dog food and several bags of bacon treats and a purple waterproof dog vest. Maybe Boris could use it, Mr. Sperazza said. On Second Avenue near St. Marks Place, a rough-looking man with a black-and-white pit bull beside him sat at a long table with books and records for sale. Sperazza, a big, solid guy in a black Guardians hoodie. He looked a lot like a plainclothes cop, though he is actually an electrician for the New York Mets.

He explained his mission to the man. The man introduced his dog, Sasha. She was shivering. It had started to snow.