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The Ultimate Paradigm Shift: A Guidebook for Creating the Life You Were Born to Live
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We are creators and we are here to live fully. Fact: Success is largely an internal process, which inspires us to take action to create the lives our hearts desire. The action you take is only as effective as your thinking. Fact: The essence of life is well-being, flowing and joyful. From this perspective, blessings abound. We are here to expand — to live fully and grow.

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Fact: There are no valid excuses. Each of us has untapped greatness within us that is longing to emerge. To change our reality, we have to take responsibility for what we are creating, both individually and collectively. Think about it this way.

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It is half past midnight, and the hot November sky burns with the brilliance of innumerable stars. As they cruise the empty streets of an abandoned Florida. Editorial Reviews. Review. "The Ultimate Paradigm Shift by Phillip and Jane Mountrose is a wonderful user-friendly HandyBook that helps raise consciousness.

This would be the same as saying that if children never took an interest in the opportunities they were given to learn how to walk, talk, or read, that they bear no responsibility. Fortunately, this is not what usually happens. Children are inspired to learn and grow. We just forget that the challenges to learn and grow continue throughout our lives. Fiction: You need to rely on external authorities in your life, like your parents, teachers, employer, the news media, and so on to guide you in creating the best possible life that is available for you, a life that is safe and secure.

While input from others is valuable, the truth about who we are and the life you were born to live emerge from an awakening heart , the center of your being, which many consider to be the seat of your soul.

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They see how their family and friends are struggling to make ends meet and believe that this is the way life is. They follow the press, which tells them how bad things are, and hope they can just get by. You came to break through perceived limits, to become free, to really live, to realize your full potential, and to make a positive contribution to the world. Imagine being so fulfilled by the work you do that your heart feels like it is overflowing with joy.

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Did she have an ideal upbringing? It is the essence of the connectedness that unites us all. As they cruise the empty streets of an abandoned Florida housing development, two young friends enjoy the beauty of the night. If you want to create the life that is most deeply joyful and rewarding, here is a guidebook that will show you how. We would say that this is your birthright. Be the first to write a review. The Final Month: Everything leads up to the final month.

Imagine every cell of your body being energized by being alive. As a form of validation, think about the people you most admire. What makes them so admirable? Employees are more engaged, they understand their role and its impact on business results, and they are more likely to believe that their efforts really matter.


They are more likely to think like a business owner. Honing business acumen skills is useful at every stage in a career path. Although the depth of knowledge will vary depending on seniority and familiarity of the business, better business decisions at any level benefit the organization. Onboarding programs have been shown to increase retention by 25 percent and even improve employee performance by up to 11 percent. Many high-potential employees in an organization receive a promotion without expanding their current skill set or big-picture thinking.

Sixty-nine percent of more than execs and supervisors test-takers couldn't pick the definition of "free cash flow. With strong business acumen as a baseline, everything else in their development journey to becoming a future leader will come into focus.

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift | School of Wisdom® Think Universal, Act Global

No matter what department a nonfinancial manager belongs to, he or she will benefit from understanding the dynamics of how their business works. And it makes perfect sense. Teaching these managers the key metrics that are used to analyze whether or not an organization is making the right business decisions will lead to business-savvy leaders.

Although most organizational goals will focus on profitability, growth, and sustainability, fostering a culture of strong business acumen will have far-reaching, organization-wide impacts.

Instilling a culture of ownership, accountability and entrepreneurial thinking allows individuals to make clear links between their business decisions, the impact of those decisions, and the success of the enterprise. Among teams with strong business acumen skills, individuals will begin to embody values through their decisions and actions like accountability, integrity, fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurship, and others. This will create an environment and culture of ownership that will transfer over into a culture in which individuals take responsibility and ownership for positively influencing business results.

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Strong business acumen skills create a culture of data-driven decision-making. Being able to articulate the story behind the numbers leads to people at all levels in an organization taking action and making decisions to affect the bottom line, whether by managing costs, improving processes, eliminating waste, or doing more with less.

Providing people with an in-depth knowledge of the financial metrics their company uses to measure success will equip them with the knowledge necessary to drive better efficiency and increase profitability across their organization.


Managing the day-to-day decisions of a business, and leading a business with a big-picture understanding of leading and lagging indicators, working capital management, and generating returns on investments, can lead the way for sustainable, organic growth. Furthermore, a successful organization that fosters an environment of strong business acumen is a company that people want to work for.

Beyond being a company that people want to work for, being a financially savvy organization makes you a company that customers want to work with. Who are these customers shopping for? This gift guide from Urban Outfitters is themed around beauty products. Price Points Include products with a range of price points to appeal to the largest possible audience. This animal-themed gift guide from Rifle Paper Co. Highlight You might be tempted to put hundreds of items into your gift guide.

My Subscription Addiction, a website that reviews and promotes different subscription boxes, focuses on highlighting 9 of the best boxes for crafters on their blog. Use Visuals Gift guides are a great marketing tool to entice customers to purchase. Clothing and lifestyle item retailer Anthropologie using striking lifestyle photos in their gift guides. Easy to Navigate Regardless of how you choose to publish your gift guide, your guide needs to be organized and easy to navigate.

How to Publish Your Guide There is a huge variety of ways to publish your gift guide and get the information to your customers.

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Some options for where to publish your guide include: Company blog: Using a gift guide as the topic for a blog post is a simple way to populate your blog with useful and interesting content that also promotes your products. For example, TechCrunch has a variety of different gift guides with slide shows of products up on their blog — like this guide to 11 Bragworthy Gifts.

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The Ultimate Paradigm Shift; #ChangeComesFromWithin

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