The Necromancers Grimoire (The Elysium Texts Series Book 2)

The Necromancer’s Grimoire (Elysium Texts Series)
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There is not as much excitement in taking a cab as there is in being swept up by a knight on a war charger pounding its way along a dirt path into adventure. I chose the late medieval period for my story about books and knowledge because of the richness of the background of the times. My characters are hunting these books and scrolls. Perfect timing.


Because I have had so many years immersed in history, it was not difficult to set my characters there, nor did I struggle to remember what had been invented yet. Anachronisms are a constant challenge, but handy references can prevent embarrassment. The most important reference I have for avoiding them is the Oxford English Dictionary.

The OED has extensive etymological information on every word.

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I use it when I want to mention something, but am not sure if the item or the concept has even entered the vocabulary at the time. Sensitivity to anachronism is vital for an historical author.

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The readers are smart, and they will find a mistake even editors may miss. In one of my favorite books there is a scene where the castle ladies are out picking fruit…in Scotland in April. In real life they would be lucky to see blossoms on the trees at that time of year. They would never be picking fruit.

Text Antics: THE HOUSE

It is a time-travel story, but not that kind of time. She muses at the window and then lays down her sketchbook. Maybe there was a window. Glass windows existed, but were more commonly seen in cathedrals at that time. Paper was so expensive then that it was equally unlikely that this teenager was given quantities of it for sketching. Small mistakes like these can shake a reader from the imaginary world of the characters and interrupt the flow of the story. It hurts. Even in science fiction, the weirdness of the environment must be explained by the author.

I try to have my characters breathe and eat and sleep and scratch and grumble about the weather. These small details connect them with readers who also have the occasional itch and hate being cold and wet. Placing light sources within a scene is also a detail I often use to emphasize the time period.

I try to draw the reader into the past with those details they share with the characters, rather than go out of my way to describe the differences. When Nadira is hungry, I hope the reader feels a little urge to go to the fridge.

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When she is cold, I hope the reader tucks her feet under her on that comfy sofa and pulls her sweater around her shoulders. The Elysium Texts 2 , Elysium Texts 2. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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The Necromancer's Grimoire: Book Two of the Elysium Texts Series - Kindle edition by Annmarie Banks. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. The Necromancer's Grimoire book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Nadira's adventures continue in Book Two of the.

Be the first to ask a question about The Necromancer's Grimoire. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Grimoire begins just two days after the end of book one, The Hermetica of Elysium and is so smoothly connected to the first installment that I was able to fall right into the read and become immediately absorbed.

While Lord Montrose is not pleased with the indebtedness he knows he must go along with the arrangement if he wants to continue to protect and be with Nadira. For her part, Nadira has come to understand her gift is something someone somewhere will always want and her life will likely always be one of service if not servitude.

And thus, the journey to Istanbul begins. Initially the relationship between Nadira and her men and the Knights is one of caution and wariness as each side seems to always be holding a little back from the other. As their circumstances change, sometimes for the better and other times for the worse, each side learns they must trust one another if they are to complete their respective missions and survive.

Completing their respective missions is hindered at almost every turn by the Necromancer, a man who holds great sway in Istanbul thanks to his mastery of the Grimoire. The Necromancer is an evil and greedy man who is willing to do whatever is necessary, no matter how heinous, in order to maintain his power and position.

Obviously, such an undertaking will be dangerous at best and deadly at worst and there will be collateral damage. Banks manages to pull every aspect of the plot, both major and minor, into one complete entity that is thoroughly engaging and interesting.

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In fact, it is during the quiet moments that the reader and Nadira gains the greatest information including loads of backstory on the various characters YAY!! There is her Lord and husband! Montrose, the enormous redhead who finds a girlfriend! Nadira cherishes each man and never fails to use her power to come to their aid.

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Most intriguing is how each of the men comes to trust Nadira even to the point of ignoring their instincts. This trust and mutual respect between Nadira and her men is one of my favorite parts of this read and allows the reader to become more fully attached to each character.

She is immensely powerful and constantly growing in strength the stopover in Eleusis! She strives to know everything so she can make the most educated and well-informed decisions possible. Though she endeavors to only use her gifts for good, Nadira is often forced into actions she despises in order to protect those she loves and holds dear. Make no mistake, Nadira always protects those she calls her own and it is one of her finest qualities.

The Bottom Line: In all honesty, I have no complaints about this read other than the fact it ended and the third book is not yet available. Also occupying this world are beautiful characters whose journey you willingly take with them despite the fear and the danger. The world and the characters are real and for lovers of the medieval period and fantasy, this read is absolutely a must-read for you! This is the second in the Elysium Texts Series.

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I'm not exactly sure how many texts there will be but if they are all like the first two I can keep reading them 'til I die. I will write that I don't think that The Necromancer's Grimoire would stand alone. I think a reader would be lost without having read The Hermetica of Elysium. It had been quite a while since I had read it but the story line was with me enough so that I wasn't questioning actions and back stories. In this installment Nadira, Montrose, Alisdair, Gareth and the White Knights are traveling after having beaten back the French who want Nadira and the Hermetica for their own evil reasons.

They need to get to Constantinople but along the way they are "met" by emissaries of the Sultan.

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Nadira tells her escorts that this needs to happen and for them to put down their weapons. It is far more fantastical than The Hermetica of Elysium as Nadira learns more about the power she has and will acquire. She fights her strongest foe in the Necromancer; he takes what he wants even if he hasn't earned the right.