The Last Field Marshal

Germany’s Last Field Marshal – The Butcher Ferdinand Schörnerand
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The reality is that he worked within a professional milieu that enabled him to maximise his undoubted capabilities for corps-level command. If the war had continued into , he may have won command of a field army and promotion to full general, but not theatre command and promotion to field marshal. The proposal to further promote Monash posthumously to field marshal surely demeans him by exaggerating, misplacing or misrepresenting his brilliant record.

It also risks demeaning others. He won his corps command and promotion to lieutenant general in the Middle East a year before Monash did.

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Chauvel also headed our army from to and was Inspector-General of the Volunteer Defence Corps during the period — dying in the job. Chauvel thrived at the national and strategic levels of command in which Monash, by no fault of his own or of anyone else, was never tested nor desired to exercise command.

And what about the case of General Sir Vernon Sturdee, the army chief who held the defence of Australia together in late and early amid widespread national alarm from the cabinet down to the street? Or that he was the victim of sustained anti-semitism, professional jealousy or other biases in life or death. Monash himself denied this in his retirement.

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Talaat Mustafa Group, which was founded by the Talaat Mustafa family, controls 50 million square meters. All this talk likening Sisi to Gamel Abdul Nasser and diversifying weaponry sources is just media spin by the Armed Forces' Moral Affairs Agency and its subsidiaries, namely privately owned media and television networks. In this article published at the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt website , Sameh Naguib analyzes the economic and political elements--both within and beyond Egypt's borders--that sustain the forces of counterrevolution. There is also the pivotal role played by the judiciary, whether in the spectacle of finding everyone "not guilty," including torturers and killers from the counterrevolution, or in the cases where harsh sentences were given, not only to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists, but to everyone involved in the January revolution and those opposed to the counterrevolution. Rommel, by all accounts, was chivalrous, as humanitarian as possible towards his prisoners during wartime, loved by his men, and willing to talk back to Hitler. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. He put his arm round my waist.

The two most authoritative biographies of Monash by Geoffrey Serle and Peter Pedersen detail his many strengths and achievements, and record his human flaws. With technology advancing so significantly in the interwar years and the military growing more diverse, the need arose for a rank higher than four-star general.

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The U. But they declined.

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The reason was ultimately that the name of U. Marshall would have sounded ridiculous with this new rank. Still, the Americans were now the senior partner in the alliance against the Axis and its commanders were technically outranked by British Field Marshals.

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General of the Army George C. Admiral Ernest King was a well-known stickler for things like uniform wear he even introduced a new Navy uniform during the war , awarding fewer medals so that they meant something when awarded, and — especially — for rank.