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Let alone the food, the comestibles, the beautiful linens, the comfy leather banquette, the interesting art on the walls, the mood and relaxed happy atmosphere so beautifully chosen to nurture our hearts and minds. Good food is for me and for my family, so seductive. I have always had a curious and enquiring mind and love to log into the subtleties and the sophistication of simple, wonderful meals, which soothe the soul and sparkle like a sunny afternoon. The first menu served meant we started with a selection of the very best warm marinated Mount Zero Olives, truly exquisite.

Too sumptuous. No wonder Gary is a legend in this town.

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Do yourself a favour. I must say I was completely undone with the delicacy and gentleness of the flavours, as well as the extraordinary sophistication of the taste, design and style. Read all about it here.

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The secret is in the ageing for the ham. Next came Duck Liver Parfait with preserved cherries and Parker house rolls, , which were a real treat too. For a main two of my sons chose the Linguine with me, with Portarlington mussels.

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Yummo, served with Gascony butter and a robust leafy green salad with herb dressing on the side. The bread served with this was also too divine. Then, for a final treat, Gascony Apple Pie. It was served warm with the most truly delicious vanilla ice cream.

Just the right choice of dessert to end. On our second fore to Omnia, it was a few repeats for the glorious choice of starters, including those stunning Oysters Mignonette, which will always have a place in my heart, although we crafted it as a whole new experience. This time my main course was a rare steak with chips that were also too delicious.

Nothing fancy, just sheer delight.

What more would you want except their exceptional ice cream in the form of a luscious Banana Split. Do yourself a favour, and book a special treat at Omnia soon. It will be the beginning of something wonderful. This volume is a collection of 24 essays by some of the world's best Eulerian scholars from seven different countries about Euler, his life and his work. Some of the essays are historical, including much previously unknown information about Euler's life, his activities in the St. Others describe his influence on the subsequent growth of European mathematics and physics in the 19th century.

Still others give technical details of Eulers innovations in probability, number theory, geometry, analysis, astronomy, mechanics and other fields of mathematics and science.

Petersburg in to join the Academy of Frederick the Great in Berlin. These works contain some of Euler's greatest mathematics: the Konigsburg bridge problem, his solution to the Basel problem, his first proof of the Euler-Fermat theorem. It also presents important results that we seldom realize are due to Euler: that mixed partial derivatives are equal, our f x notation, and the integrating factor in differential equations.

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The book provides some of the way mathematics is actually done. For example, Euler found partial results towards the Euler-Fermat theorem well before he discovered a proof of the Fermat theorem itself, and the Euler-Fermat version came 30 years later, beyond the scope of this book. The book shows how results in diverse fields are related, how number theory relates to series, which, in turn relate to elliptic integrals and then to differential equations, There are dozens of such strands in this beautiful web of mathematics.

At the same time, we see Euler grow in power and sophistication, from his first work on differential equations as an year old student, a paper with a serious flaw in it, to the most celebrated mathematician and scientist of his times, when, at the age of 34, he was lured away like a superstar athlete might be traded today.

The book is a portrait of the world's most exciting mathematics between and , rich in technical detail. Woven with connections within Euler's work and with the work of other mathematicians in other times and places, laced with historical context. Description from MAA Online: This book celebrates the th birthday of Leonhard Euler -- , one of the brightest stars in the mathematical firmament. The book stands as a testimonial to a mathematician of unsurpassed insight, industry, and ingenuity -- one who has been rightly called "the master of us all.

The oldest of these was written in , and the most recent dates to Some of the papers focus on Euler and his world, others describe a specific Eulerian achievement, and still others survey a branch of mathematics to which Euler contributed significantly.

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There are papers on Euler's number theory, his calculus of variations, and his polyhedral formula. Of special note are the number and quality of authors represented here. Among the 34 contributors are some of the most illustrious mathematicians and mathematics historians of the past century, e. And there are a few poems and a mnemonic just for fun. Reknowned mathematics author William Dunham's book is the most complete examination in English of Euler's mathematical work.

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Written for the mathematically literate The reader should be familiar with calculus , Dunham examines selected mathematics of Euler, and places his work in a historical context. Dunham's book also contains a brief biography of Euler. Perhaps the longest full discussion in English of Euler's science and mathematics, the Euler entry in The Dictionary of Scientific Biography runs 17 pages, and is an excellent resource.

Description from a review by Ed Sandifer: In an era when most Euler scholarship was done in the Soviet Union and in the DDR, Truesdell kept the candle lit in the West, though his work and his personality were both controversial This volume contains 42 "Fugitive essays", about a third of which directly concern Euler, and more than half of the rest involving Euler indirectly They are entertaining, opinionated, well informed and at times controversial.

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An English translation of Optica in de eeuw can Euler published in Dutch, , Hakfoort's book is a careful look at the role played by Euler's Nova theoria lucis et colorum see E88 in the development of 18th Century Optics. Those interested in closely examining Euler's impact on 18th Century Science should consider this required reading. Published for the th anniversary of Euler's death, this multi-lingual volume English, French, and German contains thirty essays on Euler's life and work.

Proceedings of a conference on the th anniversary of Euler's death, this festakt contains 16 essays on Euler's life and work. One of these is written in English; the rest are in German.

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Another collection of essays in German , this one published for the th anniversary of Euler's birth. A fantastic resource! Includes a detailed accounting of the development of Academy-based science in the 18th century, as well as a list of all major private, public, and semi-public academic institutions in Europe for the same time period. A readable biography of Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis; also includes a good deal of information regarding the development of the Berlin Academy, and some information on Euler's experiences in Berlin.

A comprehensive resource on the history of the St.