Mob Testimony: Joe Pistone, Michael Scars DiLeonardo, Angelo Lonardo and others

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Too many, he'd tell you. He was supposed to get his button—then he was supposed to get it again, and then again. Was it Life that kept getting in the way? We wonder how best to describe it. Of course we could just say, the law certainly kept getting in the way. It kept arresting him. The State, the Feds, Kings and Queens County, they all nabbed him for things like policy and bookmaking and murder.

Just one of the daily hazards faced by guys who get out of bed in the morning, put their shoes on, and go out to rob people…. Anthony had been told, more than once, to get his suit ready because on Saturday night, yada yada yada…. But then at the last minute, Anthony would…. Read more. Before Anthony Ruggiano Senior, aka Fat Andy could get made in , his name had to go around to the other New York families to solicit any possible objections.

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There were objections--two, actually--one of which required then-boss Albert Anastasia to win a sitdown with the Genovese family or the then-Luciano family. For this, the previous story, and the rest in this series, we are using information provided to us by Anthony Ruggiano Jr.

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In the next installment Anthony will address your comments Around then Franzese still an active mobster in …. What kind of gangster poses his elderly grandma with his dope? What kind of idiot is behind the camera?


We believe we have found a source who was close to Michael Meldish for a time and who knows all about the Meldish brothers and the Purple Gang A "shocking" photograph taken by turncoat witness Anthony Zoccolillo inspired the media to return to the Michael Meldish murder trial. Zoccolillo flipped and gave the FBI more than 4, photos he had snapped. The photo was taken sometime before reputed Lucchese wiseguy Vincent Bruno was sent upriver on a case od…. Genovese street bosses have been known to relay the boss's orders to family capos and soldiers, as well as personally divert away from the boss any incoming fire figuratively and literally from the likes of law enforcement, potential enemies, and the unforgiving, relentless New York City media.

Hailing from Pleasantville, Ragusa was promoted recently though the formal appointment may have been largely ceremonial.

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Ragusa was already a soldier when he was nabbed along wit…. The case itself was only a part of law enforcement's ongoing for decades efforts to wrest control of the New York-area ports the hell away from the gangsters. Genovese Turncoats The case saw the emergence of landmark testimony from hardcore wiseguy George Barone, who flipped.

Barone was an "aging, ailing, battle-weary Hell's Kitchen gangster" who "was a powerful waterfront racketeer in the days when the mob ruled supreme on…. The once-promising Bonanno crime family member who appeared in Kitchen Nightmares now calls himself a brokester.

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And the Bonanno crime family, with which he was once affiliated has disowned him. But before all that he appeared on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares in which he acted very much like the mobster he allegedly was trying to become around the time of filming. See Peter's Italian Restaurant menu here.

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Hovater - who grew up around wiseguys in Cleveland - is convinced his newest evangelists aren't acting. Know I love you. Shaqunda is reported as having died of pneumonia in The Winter Years. The intermittent gun battles between the Touhys and the Capone mob over control of beer routes which had been fought on the empty, back roads of rural Cook County, was now brought into the city where street battles extracted an awesome toll on both sides. Now they want deliverance from evil - as "ministers" in a flock of mob misfits known as Goodfellas4God. Convicted mobster Domenico Raccuglia, who has been on the run for 15 years, now faces several life sentences for crimes including the murder of a rival's 9-year-old son, whose body was then thrown into a vat of acid. List's Title.

At the time, he also owned two boats that he'd park in a pricey nearby Babylon harbor called Great South Bay. When Frank Sheeran got the order to assassinate his mentor, Jimmy Hoffa, he knew he had no choice, he allegedly once said. It was a case of kill on command or die for disobedience.

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The disappearance of Teamsters union leader Hoffa 36 years ago remains one of America's most enduring mysteries. To this day, no one knows where his body ended up or what was done to it. And if not for Sheeran's Catholic guilt at the end of his life and a tenacious former prosecutor turned crime writer, the story of how Hoffa died would never have been known either.

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Mob Testimony: Joe Pistone, Michael Scars DiLeonardo, Angelo Lonardo and others: The court testimony of FBI New York Undercover Agent Joe Pistone. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Contact me. Richard Willoughby with these promotions. Deliver to your Kindle or other device inside this book. Mob Testimony: Joe Pistone, Michael Scars DiLeonardo, Angelo Lonardo and others by [.

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