Les Ingénus (Youthful Lovers) No. 1 from Fêtes Galantes Set 2

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Maggie Teyte: A Vocal Portrait. Maggie Teyte. Songs by Debussy. Christopher Maltman. Voices, Vol. Black Box Classics. Bernard Kruysen. INA Memoire Vive. Claude Debussy: Melodies. Jane Bathori.

Jan DeGaetani. Romantic French Songs. Sarah Walker. Verlaine et ses musiciens. Debussy: Pelleas et Melisande. Angel Records. Debussy, Roussell: Melodies. Debussy: Melodies. Debussy: Complete Works Various Artists. Deutsche Grammophon Arcana A Warner Classics null. Erato Thomas Meglioranza Anima Records ANM The Debussy Edition Various Artists. Fuga Libera FUG Bridge AB. EMI Music Distribution Perspectives Ian Bostridge.

EMI Classics L' heure exquise Marie-Nicole Lemieux. Brilliant Naxos Songs by Debussy Christopher Maltman. With Le son du cor Debussy conjures up a dreamworld entirely his own. The piano now takes up the reins of melody, while the voice chants, often on repeated notes. By comparison with La mer est plus belle , everything is understated, yet every syllable tells.

No one could compete with Debussy in his ability to engender light around his notes. We might almost say that the spaces between the notes are as important as the notes themselves. Predictably, the combination of bells and flutes in the same line brings out the best in him.

These were his final encounter with the poet whose words had inspired him to write nineteen songs in the space of twenty-two years. He had married in , but the union was not a happy one for him. The change in nomenclature would seem to speak for itself. Nevertheless this second dedication has its puzzling side. Until the final line, the male watchers and the ladies with flashing heels and white necks have been a corporate body—possibly one of those discreetly erotic encounters painted by Watteau.

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Do all the male watchers share a single soul? Or is the poet the only one afflicted with trembling and astonishment? Or is the plural, as applied to the watchers, merely a poetic device, as it were a royal plural, obscuring the fact that the poet has been the only watcher of these tempting damsels?

Le faune is hardly more enticing. The astonishingly dissonant final chord delineates no firm key, as the song delivers no firm message. We even have to wait till the final word to find out that all this time the ostinato has represented the sound of tambourines. Or are these reminiscences of despair in league with the A flat? As with his passion for Rameau, his attraction to these poets spoke of a desire to avoid German excess and this comes out from his newspaper articles well before World War I and to pare his music down to a greater simplicity even than in his settings of Verlaine.

The most noticeable change for the listener is perhaps the absence of lushness in the piano parts. The tempo too is fluid, never settling for long, as the lover seeks consolation for his torment.

This consolation comes only with the last three chords, where Debussy indeed goes back to the past: to modality, and to the major chord ending a piece in the minor, the ancient tierce de Picardie. But this is the modality of a modern monk who is at home with the Internet and the mobile phone. The music, gliding silkily into harmonic regions undreamt of by Palestrina, seems so deeply spiritual that we are forced to wonder whether, as stated above, the composer was indeed an unbeliever.

Songlist [Unknown] No. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum II.

Jimbo's Lullaby III. Serenade of the Doll IV. The Snow Is Dancing V. The Little Shepherd VI. To Alexandre Charpentier Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut [And the moon descends on the ruined temple] ded. Louis Laloy Poissons d'or [Goldfish] ded. By Debussy from the four-hand version I. Pour un tombeau sans nom [For a nameless tomb] III. Pour que la nuit soit propice [That the night may be auspicious] IV.

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Pour la danseuse aux crotales [For the dancer with crotales] V. Czerny] II.

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Gott Vater, der du deine Sonn' Complete Songs Vol 1 Med. Am Meer [By the Sea] 5. Vier ernste Gesange op. Were it but the pitifullest infinitesimal fraction of a Product, produce it in God's name! I don't think I have explained this at all. From joyous gospel to deeply felt blues, this wonderful collection contains vintage songs sung and played through the years by black Americans - at work, in church and for pure entertainment.

Pour les tierces [For thirds] III. Pour les quartes [For fourths] IV. Pour les sixtes [For sixths] V. Pour les octaves [For octaves] VI. Pour les accords [For chords]. Dover Mozart W. Indispensable for serious pianists at all levels. Songlist Fantasy No. The Polyphonic vocal style of the Sixteenth Century. Dover Great Organ Transcriptions - Organ Description An anthology of brilliant virtuoso works for the serious Organist, transcribed from the scores of some of the world's greatest masterpieces.

Editor Rollin Smith provides an informative introduction, with notes on the history of the pieces, which include Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. A triumphant celebration of the arts of transcription and arrangement. At the time, Ravel announced his intention to 'compose a vast musical fresco, less scrupulous as to archaism than faithful to the Greece of my dreams. Three of his finest are presented here in full score, including the A Minor Piano Concerto, one of the most popular and frequently performed concertos ever written.

All demonstrate his remarkably innovative approach to music, diverting substantially from the classic models of the day, and display his immense creativity as well as his warmth and sensitivity. Pianists will be especially pleased to have these appealing Schumann works in one convenient edition available at an affordable price. Dover Partition Classique - Tchaikowsky P. This handsome volume also features Suite No.

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Both pieces appear here in full score, reproduced from authoritative sources. Dover Partition Classique - Rachmaninoff S. Rachmaninoff: Chansons avec accompagnement au piano, A. A splendid way for musicians and music lovers alike to savor and study the composer's youthful development and growing mastery of symphonic form, this new and modestly priced volume completes Dover's three-part cycle of Mozart's symphonic compositions, which include Symphonies Nos.

Songs (Low voice) with orchestra -- Vocal scores with piano

Les Ingénus (Youthful Lovers) No. 1 from "Fêtes Galantes" Set 2 - Kindle edition by Claude Debussy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Les Ingenus (Youthful Lovers) No. 1 from.

All are among the most performed and recorded works in the orchestral repertoire. Of Violin Partita No.

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Of Violin Sonata No. Le Tombeau De Couperin is a four-piece suite written between and , dedicated to close friends who died in World War I. These eight uninterrupted Waltzes abound in Schubertian characteristics. Allegro II. Adagio III. Tempo di Menuetto, con Variazioni Sonata No. Moderato II.

Allegretto III.