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Gianna was taken to Sloan Kettering hospital where she was given very high doses of chemotherapy which did put her into remission about a month later. Along with the treatments came horrible side effects, but Gianna pulled through all the ups and downs like a true champion. Although Gianna became accustomed to her new way of life, it was extremely difficult for Mike and I to watch our baby girl go through such intense treatment.

Our days which seemed endless at times consisted of going back and forth to Manhattan for hours of chemotherapy treatments.

Gianna Beretta Molla

Arts and crafts became one of her favorite pastimes. Gianna was brilliant beyond her years. Despite all she was going through, she learned many academic things, but most of all learned the art of giving love. She loved all her nurses and it did not take long before all the hospital staff was wrapped around her little finger. She had a personality and outpouring of love that attracted everyone she met and she filled our hearts with so much happiness. On September 7, , we welcomed our new addition to the family.

Gianna was in complete awe of her new baby brother Michael Christian. Fortunately, Mike and I had our families to take care of Michael because there were many times that we were away from our new baby for weeks at a time.

The Journey of Our Love: The Letters of Saint Gianna Beretta and Pietro Molla

Life was hard at this point but we felt blessed that Gianna remained in remission. However, after fourteen long, difficult months of treatment Gianna suddenly relapsed. Once again that gut wrenching feeling came back, but we remained hopeful that a bone marrow transplant would work. Gianna was again given very high doses of chemotherapy. Although this treatment caused many setbacks and infections, we were grateful it put her back into remission.

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When she is in school and has a seizure, I know, along with her other caregivers as soon as it happens and can make arrangements for whoever is closest to her to go help. Now, it has become second-nature. She puts it off only when she needs to charge it and after that she puts it right back on, because she knows she wears it so we are alerted if she needs help.

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With the Embrace, she can do more things on her own. She now does things I was scared to let her do before. She has more freedom to explore herself and her surroundings without me breathing down her back. I want her to go to college, acquire her dream job and be successful in everything she does.

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More Embrace Stories will be published soon! To share yours, feel free to write to us at support empatica. Since the publication of this article, we have developed Embrace2, which has been cleared by the FDA for use by adults and children aged 6 and up. We do not guarantee that Embrace and the Alert App will detect every single seizure and deliver alerts accordingly.

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The doctors found an unseen complication that caused a rectal-vaginal fistula which was one that the hospital was not equipped enough to handle. One of the nurses — Sister Bernardina de Manaus — was so distressed about this that she appealed for the intercession of Molla while looking at a small picture of her.

Mark Agustin Proposing to Gianna Antonio (THE PERFECT PROPOSAL/LOVE STORY)

The nun asked two other nurses to follow her lead and the group soon discovered that Cirilo's pain had disappeared with the doctors amazed at the fact that the fistula had healed in full. The miracle that led to her canonization involved Elizabeth Comparini who was sixteen weeks pregnant in from Franca in Brazil and sustained a tear in her placenta that drained her womb of all amniotic fluid.

Comparini's doctors told her that the child's chance of survival was nil due to the weeks left prior to birth. Comparini said she appealed to the then-Blessed asking for her intercession and was able to deliver her child in perfect health despite the lack of amniotic fluid. The late Molla's example was hailed as courageous and her tale spread after her death. It is the first pro-life and Catholic healthcare center for women in New York. The Gianna Center provides care with specialized gynecologic care.

The letter — which her mother wrote to her father not long before their marriage — highlighted the Christian virtues of marriage and called him and herself as a couple to serve God in a "saintly way" through what she called "the sacrament of love". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saint Gianna Beretta Molla.

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Item description detail Seller's description. The beautiful thing about love is that it is wired into our very being. My hubby and I are still going strong falling in love with each other daily. This is proof. He has His time," she continued.

Official opposition. Philosophy and theology. See also.

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