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Well, most of them anyway. And I would be just as safe at Remus' or at the burrow. Meddling old coot. Back in his room Harry decided to do some research. He wanted to know what sort of creature he had become. And so getting out his book on magical creatures he flipped through it until finally he saw something. Drackens are a rare breed of magical creatures.

They are said to be nearly extinct with the numbers of the population dropping as more drackens breed with humans, causing the bloodline to die out. Wizards also hunt drackens for their blood and scales which are useful for certain potions and spells.

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They are also considered to be dark creatures by the ministry and therefore dangerous to society. There are rumored to be less than a hundred drackens still alive. Though this number may be greater as drackens have become adept at hiding their creature characteristics and blending in with humans. I wonder if there are any Drackens at Hogwarts. Surely I'm not the only one. But then again if there are so few Harry shook off those thoughts and turned back to the book.

Dominant drackens are nearly always male. There have been two or three reported cases of a dominant female, but they are very rare. Dominants are always much larger and more vicious than the submissives. This is to protect the submissive and any offspring they have. Dominant drackens are very posessive and territorial. Even more so when their submissive is in heat, pregnant or nesting. Any threat to their mate or young would be killed without question. Dominants tend to be cold and cruel.

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These dragons are covered in stone armor. Though they are well over a thousand years of age, they are typically still younger than their Regal mate, and often will become a Regal Dragon themselves if their mate should perish. Oriental dragons are not dangerous. Kaliya nag, from Indian mythology which was defeated by lord Krishna. Most are giants with more than one head, in which their strength resides.

It is only with their mate that they will show any tenderness. And even with submissives a dominant still tends to be a bit rough. A dominant will punish a submissive if he feels the sub has done wrong, though they will never cause a submissive any perminant harm. Submissive drackens are usually female, though there are a submissive males, they, like dominant females are rare.

Submissive males are perfectly capable of carrying and giving birth to young. This is only possible if the submissive breeds with a dominant Dracken.

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Copulating with a human male will never result in a pregnancy. And though a submissive could marry and copualte with a human female, the union could not produce young as submissive males are sterile. Though submissives are smaller, they can be just as vicious as a dominant if their offspring are threatened. Both dominant and submissive drackens are extremely durable and notoriously hard to kill. Because of there tough skin most spells will not affect a Dracken. And the scales are highly reflective, meaning spells will just bounce right off them.

Though one exemption is the killing curse. Drackens are also known to have an allergy to salt water, which causes the skin to become irritated and inflame. Though not deadly, it can cause serious harm including; itching, burning, boils and if in contact with the eyes for too long, can even cause blindness. Dominants have scales covering about fifty percent of the body, excluding wings which are covered entirely.

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The dominant will always have darker scales ranging from black to dark reds, blues, greens, purples, ect. Submissives have scales covering about seventy-five to eighty percent of their bodies. Their wings are also covered entirely. The submissives scales will start out white and will darken with time to reflect the color s of their mate s. Dominants will display their wings for a potential mate. The larger the wings, the more impressive they'll be to a sub.

Both will have these. They are usually kept sheathed until needed for killing, hunting or protecting. Both are large and deadly.

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Submissives claws are acidic. Submissives will have only two times a year in which they can get pregnant. Breeding cycles vary with each submissive. Both times will last ten days. A dominant will breed almost continually with a sub to ensure more offspring.

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As stated on p. 4 of Races of the Dragon, this category includes dragons and all the draconic races, those races similar or related to dragons. In the 2nd edition. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. dragon + -kind. Noun[edit]. dragonkind ( uncountable). All dragons, considered as a group. Retrieved from.

Neither will feed during this time. A submissive dracken will stay pregnant for approximately seven months. The dominant will be extremely protective during this time and will rarely let the pregnant sub out of his sight. This is also because in order to keep the offspring healthy and growing the dominant will need to share his 'essence' so to speak with his sub.

He will do this by touching, kissing, ejaculating into and feeding his magic to the sub. Symptoms of preganacy include; Nausea, irritablility, dizziness, sensitivty to cold, craving raw meat and accidental magical outbursts. When close to birthing the submissive will feel a need for high, dark places.

A submissive dracken will give birth alone. The dominant will not be permitted entry to the nest until after the process is over. A submissive will give birth to between one and five young, or 'chicks' as they are called. Once the birth is over and the new mother has nursed the chicks the father will be allowed to enter.

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The chicks will nurse for twelve weeks. So I'm a submissive dracken, will have a dominant dracken mate, will give birth to dracken chicks and will nurse said dracken chicks. It's okay. I can handle this. It's not completely horrible. I think I could enjoy being a dracken.